I got beaten up pretty badly at work yesterday. Square peg, round hole.

L took me to the Wolves game last night, part of my birthday present. Isn’t that sweet. Nose bleed seats but it was fun. We wandered around downtown afterwards while the traffic cleared.

My plants survived. It’s supposed to warm up now.

I’m not feeling very clever right now.

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  1. physically or mentally?  At least you had fun at the basketball game and the plants are still alive!!  Hope today is better for you!!

  2. argh.  If it’s a “party” line, then why aren’t we having fun?  (a.k.a. “the beatings will continue until morale improves”)

  3. start dressing like spiderman when you go to work.  then when they try to give you shit, you can yell, “fuck off, i’m spiderman!”  eventually they just write you off as a mental case and stop talking to you entirely. 

  4. i agree with the above suggestion. you can jump from desk to desk, attempt to fly, run up and down and around the rooms- and if anyone looks at you crazy, just fling your cape at them and walk away with your head high. you can get away with anything when you are Superman.

  5. spiderman!  i said spiderman!

    superman can’t even walk anymore. 

    what’s the opposite of christopher reeve?  christophen walken.

    i’m going to hell, you don’t have to tell me.

  6. Try smoking some of your plants.  Maybe that’ll make you feel clever.  Either that or scorch your lungs.  But it could still be worth a try.

  7. Maybe you should light up the Ben Franklin tape and smoke that. And..  hey, wait a second. How did they get Ben Franklin to speak on these tapes? He’s dead!

    Whoops, hope that didn’t ruin the story.

  8. OMM, that Christopher Reeve joke has me pissing my pants!!  To quote embattled soccer idol David Beckham, “I know it’s wrong, but I don’t want to stop!”

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