Not long ago we were sitting around the dinner table having one of our ever rarer family discussions. Q had just gotten back from a trip organized by a church group. She had been up to my hometown, Moorhead. “I saw the cutest nursing home. That’s were I want to put you guys when you get old. It’s so nice.”
L chimes in with her opinions about the aging. “I think they should all be euthenized. They’re not contributing anything and they have no quality of life. They’re just a burden to the economy.” It gave me a warm feeling inside to know I’ve given my children a good moral compass to navigate through life. And that if I ever get to the drooling stage, I’m going to have to watch my back.

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  1. once, when my mother in law was really pissing me off and she was talking about selling her house but not knowing where to live, i told her that she was getting up there in age so she might as well just move into little sisters of the poor, like the rest of her relatives. everybody else in the family laughed. my MIL didn’t talk to me for two years. a lovely two years it was.

  2. yeagods!!!  I think you should make them live in the garage for two weeks.  Or send them to work with sick children in India (really, it would be unbelievably valuable in developing their moral compass).  That’s what I want to do when I have teenage children.  Screw boarding school – a developing country will right that shit quick.  (excuse my language)  ; )

  3. if jess doens’t stick HP in a home, i will.  personally, i think we should ship them all to mars.  waste of space, waste of space.  bahaha.

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