What’s the deal? I take a huge risk to my ego, getting up on stage with some of the best players in town, not even knowing a single song, train wreck right on stage, get a huge adrenalin rush and make a life changing decision to move to Nashville or maybe Memphis and no one, no one but my dear friend DNW can muster a comment? People, remember, it’s all about me!

Went shopping for Prom Dinner tonight. Ceasar salad, grilled marinated pork tenderloin with mango chipotle sauce, pasta with grilled vegetables and for dessert, assorted ice creams.

Gotta go practice now!

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  1. Hehe, see I was away for a while. Xanga was making me mad. Not the people on it, the ones who run it. I’m ok now. Sounds like a killer time was had!

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