I went to the jam again last night. This time I brought my guitar. You have to understand that I’m a complete closet musician, I play along with CDs and record rhythm tracks and play along to them. I’m pretty good at playing with myself. I’ve only performed in public once before and that was about 15 years ago. Also I’m a blues guy and this is a country jam. My pal is the leader of the session and he assured me that they wouldn’t go out of my depth.

We started out with a couple of three chord rockers that were close enough to the blues that I had no problem, except I did manage to hose up some of the changes. I think my rhythm playing was pretty good, nevertheless. I also dropped a couple of notes on my solos. Then they played a simple two chord country song and I got totally lost. I’m sure it sounded like a train wreck. The last song was a country song which was in E with an F#minor thrown in, and with Clay leaning over and whispering the changes to me I finally got it by the last chorus. When I came off the stage I was soaked with sweat. Everyone is very supportive, but I still kind of felt like a schmuck. Although it was really fun and a huge adrenalin rush….which of course meant I pretty much didn’t sleep last night.

I’m going to contemplate the insides of my eyelids over lunch. It’s great to live close to work!

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  1. that’s so cool!!  there’s something to be said for playing with yourself and being good at it. 

  2. I’m a consumate closet musician myself. Running my own melodic interruptions over tracks mixed some 30 years ago IS my jam session! lol. And that country song was in the key of E? Where did they throw in the F#m? That chord fits very comfortably in E. I’m very excited to see another guitarist, and one with a presumably substantial amount of experience. How long have you been playing? Keep on strumming!

    ~Ryan S.

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