Drip a Dee Drop a Dee

Mustang Sally I’ve been experimenting with the drop D tuning on my guitar. You tune the lowest string down from E to D, which allows you to play in D up and down the neck with all kinds of open strings ringing out. It’s very cool and very different from the swamp rock country and blues that I normally play. This morning I hooked up Garage Band and was playing it with an echo effect. I’ve never been much for electronic effects, other than a Fender guitar played through an old tube amp really loud, but what I was getting this morning sounded like church music. I may have to go out and get something to plug in so I can get that effect, say at church. I’ve always wanted to do the prelude music, but my repertoire is not exactly sacred in nature. More Saturday night than Sunday morning.

It’s so much fun to have a new concept to work out. If I do this, then this works and wait a second, this works too. Wow and if that works so should this. And all of a sudden there’s this completely new way to get around the fretboard and a new sound that comes with all the fresh chord voicings. Listen to me, I sound like I know something about music. Hah. It’s one of those the more you find out the less you know deals.

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