Music. Latin, Irish, Classical, Cajun, Reggae and Red Neck. The accordian is a rock and roll instrument. Soft spot for swamp boogie music that rides the Mystery Train through Chuck and Elvis and Bo and Mississippi Fred and John Lee. Memphis in the Meantime Baby. With a Telecaster turned up to ten. John Hammond sitting at his daddy’s knee getting Southern Fried. Beat me Daddy Eight to the Bar. And Twelve Bars on Bourbon Street. Working Man’s Dead. Sobering up, crashing into John Hiatt singing Stood Up about sobering up drying out with John for almost twenty years and thinking Bring the Family was the pinnacle and then last year Beneath This Gruff Exterior with songs about the creative process and taking a crap or dog love or mortality. And Sonny Landreth making an electric guitar sound like a caliope. Sonny Landreth doing things that seem to defy the laws of guitar playing. John Hiatt has probably written over seven hundred songs and he is going strong. Listen.

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  1. waaaaait a minute… you’re that guy that wrote aobut football and basketball in the same post, too, aren’t you.

    yeah, i’m on to you.

  2. Music. Can’t live without it. Well, unless it’s Motley Crue blasted by my neighbour at 3:00 in the morning.

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