Something from the sketchbook. I started drawing again. This image is from my imagination without reference material. Obviously I couldn’t remember what a parrot looks like.

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  1. Yes, well, I wish I had half the skill.  I’m glad you started picking it up again.  Seems like you have some talent that shouldn’t go to waste.  (Besides, we went to this local art gallery discussion/presentation by an artist who started working sometime in his 40s, and his paintings were selling for an average of a thousand bucks apiece!)

  2. i guess it depends on what you’re imagining; if you were imagining my house, there’d be a big dump under the parrot, and it would be on the girl’s leg, and the girl would be wearing pants that she finally got around to washing so they were clean until the god-forsaken animal befouled them, and she’d probably be cursing and yelling, “that’s it!  i’ve had it!  bill!  put on some water, we’re having birdstew tonight!”

    or, you know, that could just be a real nice picture, dude.

  3. Hey, nice one! My drawing skills run the gamut from A to B as Dorothy Parker once famously said of Katharine Hepburn’s emoting skills.

  4. Splendid imagination! Yeah, you’ll definitely want to splash more graphite marks for taste testing. Or I’m saying so.

  5. That’s pretty damn good. I can sorta draw, but I can’t draw anything that’s alive. Like people. Or plants. Or anything that used to be alive. Or is associated with life.

    I can draw a ovoid.

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