My depiction of the corporate chain of command. I’m not the littlest dog, but I’m the littlest dog that’s not in a union. Shit rolls downhill and has a helluva lot of momentum built up by the time it hits me. I was recently in a meeting with the guy three rungs up the latter from me, so a big wheel, and he was trying to do the frank and honest discussion thing about how the biz can be improved. I brought up one of my many pet peeves, something that we do wrong in the most basic no-brainer way. He heard a couple of buzz words and came back with an answer that was so vaguely related to what I was talking about, I might as well have been speaking Urdu. I tried to explain myself but I’m sure I sounded like a crazed techno babbler to him. Over the years there have been so many times that they’ve rolled shit out and I’ve predicted that it wouldn’t work and that it was a vast waste of money, if I’d just gotten on the phone with the CEO I could have saved the company millions. Or I would have gotten fired for not being a positive team player! My motto is. “keep your head down and be quick on your feet to dodge the turd slides.”

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  1. the higher they climb the more full of themselves they get. what i really hate is when i come up with an incredible idea, am the one to see it through from start to finish, and the boss takes 100% of the credit. had a boss once, too, who blamed me whenever anything went wrong, even if i didn’t even work on the project. i was so glad to get away from her, but to do so, i had to ruin my own career. oops, didn’t mean to rant.

  2. Well…  if it’s one of those entension ladders, all you need to do is climb until you’re at the latch, then yank it and watch the ladder collapse down to your level. It’s fun. Well, on a real ladder.

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