Just what the world needs, another way to waste time on the Web.
Compliments Jim, who also introduced me to the music of Jimi Hendrix back in 1967. He and his wife SB were one of the first couples from our crowd to get married and own a house. They rented a spare room to me until they were forced to move in order to get rid of me. I helped prepare them for having teenagers. They acted as my parents until I found Becky who took over the job. I need close supervision.
OK heres how it works. Pick two words (they have to be….
Nevermind, I’ll let Jim explain it:
“Key in a sensible two word ” x x ” phrase in your google search engine, where the
minimum number is two, and where there must be a sensible combination of
the two words . The winner is the one who comes up with the smallest number
of search hits. I can win with 0 hits by combining “nightcrawler honeymoon”
but “nightcrawler secrets” is a loser.”
I tried “albino beanpole” and “porcine historiographer” neither of which are winners except in our hearts, before I won with “ecclesiastical rumpot.”

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  1. sheesh, and i thought i was competitive.  this game takes the cake!  but anyway, behooved wormholes had no hits. ding! ding! ding! she’s a winner!

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