Why Mondays Suck

It’s past 6:30 now and the girls just got out of bed. Not sure why they overslept, but time flies when you’re having fun and as usual, I failed in my duty as a backup alarm clock. There should be a fist fight anytime now while they try to get ready for school with limited mirror space.

Mondays probably suck for everyone. Just the fact that you have to go back to work and you might have had a little to much fun on the weekend is depressing enough. Then there’s Monday duties. I have a status report due to my boss by 9 every Monday. It’s difficult to come up with anything to report that’s any different from any other week. Confirming payroll and timesheets all while lamenting the fact that I have to work for a living.

But Mondays hold a special suckness for me. My wife doesn’t work on Mondays. When I go upstairs to get dressed she will be blissfully sleeping, warm under the covers. I used to try to be quiet so she could enjoy sleeping in. Lately I’ve been turning on all the lights, sitting on the bed and making as much noise as possible. If I have to suffer, everyone has to suffer.

7 thoughts on “Why Mondays Suck

  1. oh, you’re one of those bitter husbands, bahaha.

    i do that with bill sometimes, not before work in the morning, but if one of the kids is crying at night.  i’ll even fake a snore or rabbit punch him if it rouses him enough to think he’s the only one hearing their cries.

  2. Every Monday, a chorus of angels sings to me, because my children go off to school and I have the house to myself. Can you say, “Alleluia”? I sure can.

  3. I seem to want to sleep best between when my alarm first goes off and an hour later when I realize I’m already late. Ahh… thus I can only work for “flexible” people.

  4. Haha I think that you are a good daddy and funny husband BTW, without Monday  how can we have weekends ? I consider it as a necessary evil wink

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