The technophobe in the cavalry uniform is Happy Easter, a character from Milton Caniff’s strip, Steve Canyon. OK so I’m old and had a comic obsessed youth.

I’m looking forward to going into work even less than a usual Monday today.

Last night I burned the audio book biography of Ben Franklin. I’d never get through it reading, so my next fifty or so trips between work and home will be dedicated to learning about one of my favorite historical figures. Printer, inventor, publisher, statesman, sex maniac, he had it all.

Like Fleener I rehearse anticipated arguments in my head. Compulsively. I say my parts outloud. Some folks think I’m crazy.

Last fall I planted hundreds of bulbs. It was hard work. They’re starting to come up now. It was supposed to get down into the low twenties last night. I was too lazy to go out and cover them. I AM crazy.

Yesterday morning there was one of those scary looking centi- mille- bunchapedes in the shower. It was about half drowned so I stepped on it and sent it down the drain. My foot went numb and stayed that way for about four hours.

No one else in the house has to get up this morning, but ollie the cat is sitting upstairs by the three bedroom doors meowing. He’s been doing it for a half hour. I’ve fed him, but he won’t shut up. He does this every day. As soon as he hears my feet hit the floor, he starts talking.

The black dog is scratching at my door.

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  1. you did lose me with Steve Canyon, though I often wonder about Mandrake and others. Crazy? I’m sure. Franklin? There was crazy in all the best ways. What’s the name of the book? After listening to Ulysses (for what seems like the better part of six months – a short commute) I’m struggling to find something that sounds right to me.

  2. franklin is on my list of reads.  i should get to him this summer, after i read the bush book and the clinton book and probably a couple of novels.  i don’t do the audio books though.  mostly, i tune out things i’m listening to and let it become background noise, so i’d probably hear nothing. 

  3. Well your cat ain’t the only one.  Mine has a habit of placing herself right in the path of my swinging foot every morning, even if it results in her being shot across the room several times in a row.

  4. well, you know what swinging part of bill’s our cat puts herself in front of.

    my erection says we’re all nuts.

    speaking of nuts, i decided i would be if i went to work today, so i didn’t.  booya.

  5. When you said you burned your audio book, I pictured you in the back yard with a cassette tape on your BBQer, squirting lighter fluid all over it.

  6. the neurotic-dog sits outside our door and whines if he hears us talking in the morning. the little dog is usually much better about it, he’d rather go off and lick himself silly.

  7. A foot numbing centipede!! Screeeeech!

    My pits talk while I get their food ready in the morning. It sounds like a combination of yodeling and chortling. It’s actually pretty cute.

  8. you have no idea how long i sat here thinking that it was armpits that were talking.  i’m only partially sure i’ve figured out the right answer.

  9. Wow – people actually have off today?  Not in the non-profit world and not in DC, it seems.  The separation of church and state, etc.  I worked.  It rained.  I worked some more.  It is still raining. I am waiting until 8 so that I can take a cab home (we get free cabs home after 8 PM – for safety reasons I think).  What a perk.

    Bugs scare me.  Esp when I am naked.

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