Help with body language interpretation

Is it a bad sign when your boss’s face turns bright red and she stomps her feet like an angry little girl in response to something you say?

Just wondering.

Went to the toe doc yesterday, he pulled out the wires and removed the stitches and said that in two days I can shower without a plastic bag on my foot, and start wearing a shoe! On the Crohn’s front, things are much better. I guess you could say I’m getting my shit together.

Damn, I amuse myself.

3 thoughts on “Help with body language interpretation

  1. Lucky you!

    I think you should start saying things that make her stomp her feet and face turn red more often. Sounds highly amusing. You might as well have fun while you work right?

  2. ha ha ha

    “getting my shit together”


    you must amuse yourself…

    maybe i missed soemthing, so what happened to el footo???

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