Roll me those tumblin’ dice

Tomorrow I get my PICC line removed. You know the plastic tube that has had me tethered to an antibiotic pump 24/7 for the last six weeks. It’s going to be great to not haves to deal with my little mechanical belly bag everytime I want to take crap or go to bed or put on a shirt or almost anything. It will be great because I can take a shower without wrapping my arm in plastic wrap and tape.

But I will no longer be awash in oxicillan. Which means if there’s some little pocket of staph lurking in some cranny of my mechanical knee…. I’m fucked. It’s out with the knee for three months and then if I’m lucky they can put a new one in. Doctors are quoting 70-30 odds in my favor. My blood tests look good, the knee looks good. So if you’re the prayin’ kind, say a couple for me. If not wish me luck!

I hope I get to keep this knee cause I’m growing fond of it. It already works better than the old one, and I have to say that now it’s my good knee. I have more pain in the real one than the artificial one now and I’m walking without a limp on that side for the first time in about 20 years. I’m also taller, because I can straighten it out. And something about being able to straighten it out pushes my chest out and shoulders back so I have much better posture.

So Mr. Staph bug… stay away!

Let’s take a vote who wants to see a picture of my scar?

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