Apparently I was cursed, the pain in my knee was the infection returning so that Monday I went into the hospital and had the knee removed and replaced with a spacer that’s full of antiboiotics. In about six months I’ll have a new knee put in. Hope that one works. I’m home from the hospital now, dealing with the inconvieniences of having a knee that won’t bend and not being able to put any wieght on on leg.

8 thoughts on “curses

  1. holy shit dude.  any story that includes having a knee removed just ain’t right. 

    i’m reeeeeeally hoping you get better fast, and that this whole thing isn’t too much (more) of a drain on you. 

  2. I know someone w/ a knee replacement as well… She’s doing great.
    Like thenarrator said, stimulate the mind while your body’s at rest.
    And yeah, you should probably do a lot of drinking.

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