Ouch! The first two or three days involved some major pain, much of it self inflicted. Or inflicted by thy physical therapists. It’s for your own good, son. But I have good drugs, percocets and they encourage you to take them so you can get through the amazing pain the first time you try to bend your leg. Percocet dreams are strange. It’s been like this infinite line of people conjured from my imagination walking past and saying wierd things to me, and I’m never quite sure if I’m awake or asleep.

Something fucked up the first night in the hospital, I think they overdosed me on the iv drip narcotic. I’m not clear on what happened because I was SOOOO out of it, but I know there were a lot of people in the room yelling at me to keep my eyes open and wake up and to stay with us. They’ve been pretty straight forward about it since, but haven’t really said how much danger I was in or exactly how it happened.

I came home from the hospital on Thursday and Becky has been nursing me back to health. I can walk (a little) without crutches and can already bend my leg more than I could before surgery. Needless to say all those ligaments need to be stretched out since they haven’t had to lengthen to that extent in decades. It’s a process. But I’m glad I did it.

I might have had a different answer on Wednesday.

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  1. my brother and grandmother and high school biology teacher all had this surgery, and i’ve never seen people in more blatant misery than they were, those first couple of days.  honest to god, i would give birth twenty more times if it meant i didn’t have to ever have knee replacement.  (and if i didn’t have to keep the kids afterwards, baha.)  i’m really glad you’re over the worst of it.  cuz that sucks out loud.

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