What twitter is saying about Chron’s and Humira

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Kylie Ryan Kylie Ryan @KylieRy30325472

BABE 2020.
Session# Biosimilars and Biowaivers
Biosimilar segment is the one of the fastest growing segments.
Come… https://t.co/jS01C1xFcG

2 hours ago
Jordy Jordy @JordGord87

Idk why u suddenly remembered when I was in hospital with crohns disease I had a weak moment and fantasized about… https://t.co/gw5MFkji1v

2 hours ago
asmag.com asmag.com @asmagglobal

Biosimilars and technological advancements are bringing in a lot of new opportunities into pharmaceutical industry… https://t.co/XGhRXLiSgJ

3 hours ago
Parv Parv @Parv30951778

Biosimilars In Amsterdam.
Aurelius Global is provinding training on Biosimilars Clinical Development in Europe.
Ove… https://t.co/pcnMfRTdSF

3 hours ago

Probably going to be a slow day for #gamedev today because I’m taking my partner to the doctors to try and find som… https://t.co/L6mDzrdWA3

5 hours ago

@samDavi344379 @afneil @RemainerNow Yep not a problem. I have #crohns so don’t eat anyway and obesity is a problem… https://t.co/Qy8CEJZb03

5 hours ago
IBD Hockey IBD Hockey @IBDHockey

Kevin Gravel played his first pre-season game against the Ottawa Senators last night

https://t.co/9n0xAtMC9N… https://t.co/oSDjpVECb5

6 hours ago
Atypical HUS India Atypical HUS India @ahusindia

RT aHUSAllianceAct #aHUS & #IBD – 3 case studies that note #GI tract involvement in children with atypical HUS.… https://t.co/4BN0tLY7Hh

6 hours ago
aHUS Alliance Action aHUS Alliance Action @aHUSAllianceAct

#aHUS & #IBD – 3 case studies that note #GI tract involvement in children with atypical HUS. #CrohnsDiseasehttps://t.co/H1rLgdGrJb

6 hours ago
Weird Uncle Blight Weird Uncle Blight @TransTwill

having a /great/ night remembering how much i loathe my GI doc for not only blockading access to care but messing u… https://t.co/Np6Y4WKZ6C

6 hours ago
Better medical news and information Better health Better medical news and information Better health @medinfoa2z

Doctor, Payer Reps Stress Need for More Education about Biosimilars Before Introducing Premium for Their Use: Chuik… https://t.co/DdpEadOkvt

6 hours ago
IBDrelief IBDrelief @ibdrelief

Infliximab (Remicade) is a biologic medication licensed for use in moderate to severely active #CrohnsDisease and… https://t.co/ewPEAFRfQc

7 hours ago
I am Immune I am Immune @DamanLangguth

I really don’t see biosimilars as that much of an issue : but allowing others to choose randomly which one a patien… https://t.co/QBHeHOWXF9

7 hours ago
Philip Robinson Philip Robinson @philipcrobinson

Well I myself will wait to see what is meant by that. It’s hard to engage fully in the whole biosimilar debate/disc… https://t.co/XLYqH814yJ

8 hours ago
Oncology Board Oncology Board @mb_Oncology

Dr. Bardia Discusses the Skepticism Regarding Biosimilars in Oncology – OncLive: Dr. Bardia Discusses the Skepticis… https://t.co/QQObBYckuq

8 hours ago
Rob Howes Rob Howes @sewoHJR

(I counted off the risks of #Humira / #Adalimumub with my fingers) “Death by cardiac arrest and other means(which I… https://t.co/WH9nyVdLIU

12 hours ago
Steve Jones Steve Jones @jonesiniowa

@emmablackery I have Crohns disease sweetie. Had 36 biopsies taken on Monday. Not sure what Hell you’re going throu… https://t.co/V2wyxLGCbP

12 hours ago

@IsntDaveOne You can’t even spell Crohns. Correctly. How are you gonna read a whole book ?

13 hours ago
Debs Gath Debs Gath @debsgath

This really upset me.
Lisa is extremely brave to be part of these trials. We, #Crohns sufferers owe Lisa & others… https://t.co/eit0V5cGnF

13 hours ago
AlphaChick♿️ AlphaChick♿️ @LynneGarrison

Instead, I got compliments on my weight loss. Unfortunately, by the time I was diagnosed with #Crohns, I was sever… https://t.co/LUP6FkZ75g

13 hours ago