What twitter is saying about Chron’s and Humira

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Scott Strumello Scott Strumello @sstrumello

Now, with a selection of four or more biosimilars of Avastin hitting the market, the era of Roche’s hardball tactic… https://t.co/aNOmCD5Rsg

7 hours ago
Govind Nandakumar MD Govind Nandakumar MD @docgovind

You can live your life your life with inflammatory bowel disease #crohns and #ulcerative #colitis be BOLD ! ⁦… https://t.co/kNHJ6056M4

7 hours ago
AAM AAM @AccessibleMeds

91% of the 6.4B prescriptions filled in 2021 were for #generics and #biosimilars, however that 91% accounted for on… https://t.co/RxklruU1Rt

7 hours ago
KindHealth KindHealth @KindHealth

A Common Stomach Bug May Help Cause Crohn’s Disease, Study Suggests
https://t.co/BCjMMUYv2u #crohnsdisease #ibs #ibd

7 hours ago
Sam Williams Sam Williams @iamsam_williams

@Br8twurst1 I haven’t got experience of crohns disease so not sure what it’s like.

But my suggestion would be to s… https://t.co/VMUgNPSnGR

7 hours ago

@boofcario Me too! For the longest time, I just thought it was my Crohns flaring up more than usual. But once it st… https://t.co/cF4iim56i9

7 hours ago
Laura Laura @laura_hurley126

@gggirl924 @Berlidge Grow my own. I use it for my Crohns and to relax. Can’t drink alcohol because my Crohns med has caused liver damage.

8 hours ago
Michael Nova MD Michael Nova MD @BigDataNova

Crohn’s Mystery Solved? Common Stomach Bug May Help Cause Inflammatory Bowel Disease – https://t.co/FrEebXdSz1

8 hours ago
AlphaBronze AlphaBronze @Alpha_Bronze

Nearing a watershed year, biosimilar industry gets a boost from Inflation Reduction Act! A new measure in the Infla… https://t.co/W2oNHT0HLB

8 hours ago
Berkshire Sterile Berkshire Sterile @BerkshireSM

Check out our new low-loss fill process! Product loss is limited to less than 30 mL of drug product for batches of… https://t.co/0M8WI1OQsD

9 hours ago
ASK biosimilars ASK biosimilars @ASKbiosimilars

ASK consists of dynamic, interactive, and multi-format educational activities, including an educational handbook, l… https://t.co/jyglyJElIE

9 hours ago

“they call me thunder cheeks. not because my ass fat but because I be farting non stop”

#crohnsdisease pls leave m… https://t.co/O8E7QlhE2i

13 hours ago
Biocodex Microbiota Institute Biocodex Microbiota Institute @Microbiota_Inst

An @ESCMID review “summarizes the latest advances in understanding endogenous #phage impacts on the #GutMicrobiomehttps://t.co/ii0zMKqBPW

14 hours ago
IBDrelief IBDrelief @ibdrelief

A stricture is a narrowing in the bowel. They are more common in #CrohnsDisease than #UlcerativeColitis. Learn more… https://t.co/w03fx6ndPg

16 hours ago
Betty is invisible, don't DM Betty is invisible, don't DM @FruitC4kes

Used electric blanket it only took minutes to warm up,honestly it’s heaven, just wish could get the chill out the a… https://t.co/WPNCOEimBB

17 hours ago
A Chronic Voice A Chronic Voice @AChVoice

“Having lived more than half my life as an IBD patient, I knew I didn’t want to live the second half of my life the… https://t.co/mA3h0gYvQW

19 hours ago