What twitter is saying about Chron’s and Humira

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Liew Daren Liew Daren @LiewDaren1

Be a part of International conference on Pharmacovigilance & Biosimilars
Be a speaker
submit your abstracts through… https://t.co/HFgsdK8KEX

4 days ago

Solid number 2. Not sure I remember those 🤔

It’s #WittyWonderwomanWednesday in the #IBDSuperHeroes Facebook group!… https://t.co/kAKA1MXx3o

4 days ago
Teva Pharmaceuticals Teva Pharmaceuticals @TevaUSA

#Biosimilars are complex medicines made from living cells or organisms. Go Behind the Scenes at Teva’s state-of-the… https://t.co/43yh6Ue2UO

4 days ago
Chemist+Druggist Chemist+Druggist @ChemistDruggist

Our latest CPD update module is now available – diagnosing and managing Crohn’s disease, with self-assessment quiz… https://t.co/GDq8DnKy2R

4 days ago
Jessica Merrill Jessica Merrill @Jessicaemerrill

$TEVA signs a #biosimilar partnership with Iceland’s Alvotech to develop 5 biosimilars for the US market. Teva has… https://t.co/PqlKZuOvKz

4 days ago
Billie No Dates Billie No Dates @billienodates

Hello Iunch (sharing with mumma…. mine is the tomatoes without seeds coz of crohns) 🥰 https://t.co/GXj1gW4MFg

4 days ago
joe0603 joe0603 @joe0603

@CrohnsColitisUK Why does a charity need so many directors, maybe reduce your executive team and increase the numbe… https://t.co/zXOo4GzydT

4 days ago
Austin Toll Austin Toll @AUSwasBTW

TWO WEEKS LEFT. Fuck prednisone, I can’t wait for it to be over. #ibd #crohns

4 days ago
Geography Plaza Geography Plaza @GeographyPlaza

Global Biosimilars Market Opportunities by Product, Manufacturing & Indication, and Geography – Forecast to 2026 -… https://t.co/eh5wdWIKph

4 days ago
Geography View Geography View @GeographyView1

Global Biosimilars Market Opportunities by Product, Manufacturing & Indication, and Geography – Forecast to 2026 -… https://t.co/lg315sVZNz

4 days ago
Generics bulletin Generics bulletin @Genericbulletin

Fresenius Kabi’s EU Biosimilars ‘Lagging Behind Expectations’

4 days ago
Pharmacutical Daily Pharmacutical Daily @PharmacDaily

Global Biosimilars Market Opportunities by Product, Manufacturing & Indication, and Geography – Forecast to 2026 –… https://t.co/Q3nx43dHgb

4 days ago
. . @faceyourfront

The Tory overloads want us to GoFundMe for Insulin prescriptions when they sell the NHS to Private American Healthc… https://t.co/dLpmQ4rRDo

4 days ago

@HeldinEU My mum (has Crohns) has been on a ‘cake diet’ a few times as advised by her Cons!

4 days ago
humansofhiit humansofhiit @humansofhiit

“I hated sport at school. It was a mixture of being forced to do it & undiagnosed arthritis, asthma & Crohns Diseas… https://t.co/zh85T3hDpG

4 days ago
Andrew Jackson Andrew Jackson @aj44brown

The phone consultation has been done. Blood test tomorrow and infusion on Monday will go ahead. Blood will be taken… https://t.co/qWRvXWIh2U

4 days ago
#IBDSuperHeroes #IBDSuperHeroes @IBDSuperHeroes

Treated myself to a new mug! 🤗
And this is a new phone that’s forgotten all my #️⃣ and emojis 🙈
😘💋… https://t.co/S5FZ6zL8pc

4 days ago
Liz. Liz. @iamabutterfly34

@marcorubio Okay if they can do This they can cure #crohnsdisease bye October as well 🤗🥴

4 days ago
Crohn's Disease UK Crohn's Disease UK @CrohnsDiseaseUK

Global Crohns Disease Diagnostic and Therapeutic Market Expected to reach growth rate of XX …… https://t.co/XEJdkDGBAQ

4 days ago
Thomas Bo Jensen Thomas Bo Jensen @MDJensenTB

@Frank_S_David I’m sorry, but comparing biosimilars between US and Europe, I can’t help but mentioning that… https://t.co/02cWDfelki

5 days ago
MichaelaHayes iRadio MichaelaHayes iRadio @MichaelaKHayes

First night out since surgery. I was so so nervous but it went so great. Paloma behaved which was wonderful


2 weeks ago
Fearthecriticism Fearthecriticism @Fearthecritici1

@CrankGameplays “just wanted a battle scar” aka that I wanted surgery scars. It was so fucked up my mom knew to kic… https://t.co/94pQ2d16hV

2 weeks ago
Fearthecriticism Fearthecriticism @Fearthecritici1

@CrankGameplays And when I was in the ICU a skinny stick where they were worried about if I could handle emergency… https://t.co/w10KM8NJ1Q

2 weeks ago