What twitter is saying about Chron’s and Humira

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MamaDonna MamaDonna @DonnaDo127

@CarverJohns I ate pot butter for a week and I haven’t had crohns for 12 years now

7 hours ago

@Glitterygutsx @Crohns_at_23 It’s not exactly the same but if you have a Microsoft account, you can use a basic ver… https://t.co/AckbMG3oYL

7 hours ago
Matt Jones Matt Jones @ynwa_matt

@JedediahBila Zero data on concomitant effects between my crohns medication and covid ‘vaccine’

7 hours ago
クローンみる クローンみる @crohns_mill




#lovelive #Liella #聖地巡礼

7 hours ago

@Crohns_ryota わかります!いい曲ですね😌

7 hours ago
#CEBioForum2023 - Central European BioForum #CEBioForum2023 - Central European BioForum @CE_BioForum

✅ He was responsible for medical or regulatory affairs in big pharma like: Boehringer Ingelheim, Merck Serono Biosi… https://t.co/sxcrt63H4y

8 hours ago
#CEBioForum2023 - Central European BioForum #CEBioForum2023 - Central European BioForum @CE_BioForum

✅ He has a deep understanding of biosimilars with Executive perspective

✅ He has impressive background in Life Sci… https://t.co/Li5P3XM9yT

8 hours ago

@NatsWoodward A got mine 4 weeks ago now am thinking have a made the right choice my crohns is already in a flair up 😳

8 hours ago
ProBiosimilars ProBiosimilars @ProBiosimilars

Dank Biosimilars können immer mehr Patientinnen und Patienten eine hochwirksame Biopharmazeutika-Therapie erhalten.… https://t.co/42pRs6x6F5

8 hours ago


8 hours ago
glitterygutsx✨️ glitterygutsx✨️ @Glitterygutsx

@Crohns_at_23 Yes please bur just not sure how as I don’t have the Microsoft things to hold it all as I cant afford any of it x

9 hours ago
RheumBot RheumBot @rheum_bot

Remember to stop #Humira and seek medical attention if you come down with Flu

10 hours ago
RutheniumFund RutheniumFund @RutheniumFund

Read more about valuable insights and our view on price increases for drugs during this January
#pharma #pricehttps://t.co/po1npOl4v6

22 hours ago
ֆƈօʄʀօ14 ֆƈօʄʀօ14 @scofro14

@kdsak We applied for #Humira when they switched him in May, but got denied.

Not sure what’s next if #simlandi ma… https://t.co/467XBXOAfl

3 days ago
Billy Dowell Jr Billy Dowell Jr @JPouchGolfer

Article by @mayocliniclabs about my ongoing care for Autoimmune Diseases & allowing me to continue pursuing #golf.… https://t.co/37HrCQHKhK

5 days ago
pharmalot pharmalot @pharmalot

Major purchasers predict expensive new therapies will keep driving drug price hikes… https://t.co/kaLF8zj9RB… https://t.co/ZIVJ7xcF2l

7 days ago

With the shift in cost leaving the 1% population where do you think this leaves #Enbrel and #Humira? #Webinar

7 days ago
Salud y Fármacos Salud y Fármacos @SaludyFarmacos

“Humira es el producto que más se vende en el mundo, el valor de sus ventas en 2021 alcanzó los US$20.700 millones,… https://t.co/AejO22xqqA

1 week ago
Vamsidhar Vurimindi Vamsidhar Vurimindi @VVurimindi

@Allergan #Botox #Vuity #Restasis revenue to cover #Humira’s $20 bln shortfall isn’t possible, because generics com… https://t.co/Li6O82Nquu

1 week ago
Nicholas Tompanis Nicholas Tompanis @nicktompan

An Amino Acid for Improved Emotional Stability & Overall Health | Nature’s Real Health https://t.co/oc0GxPNoPE

2 weeks ago

@DanielSerritos1 No clue. I think he got diverticulitis or crohns with his fucked up diet

2 weeks ago
リョータ@クローン病 リョータ@クローン病 @Crohns_ryota

@RpxDdp まいちゃんには、やっぱパイロットになって欲しい🥺

2 weeks ago
Supernova Supernova @Supersilvah

Antibiotics linked to development of irritable bowel disease, say researchers https://t.co/kexFBoX78m

2 weeks ago