Earlier this morning, just after I sat down at the computer, I looked up to see a fox running along the back fence. At first I thought something was chasing it, but then I saw that it was following a squirrel that was running on the cable lines twenty feet above. Just before the hunter disappeared behind the pine trees in the corner of the yard, it made a spectacular, but of course futile, leap, elevating it’s head above the top of the fence. I love the foxes that live out there, they keep the rabbit and tree rat population down.

It sucks to be a Minnesota sports fan.

Today’s Strib sports page: Gopher’s men’s hockey loses to the fifteenth seed in the NCAA tournament that the were a favorite to win. The Raptors beat the Wolves by 20. Brittney Davis and Lauren Lacey announced that they are leaving the Gopher women’s basketball team.

3 thoughts on “Foxie

  1. i don’t have foxes, i gots me coyotes… which in a way aren’t as cool… they aren’t nearly as playful, and they kinda stare at you menacingly, then trot off.  and no “spectacular” leaps or valiant attempts to corner or get the rabbits.  they jst hide under my front porch and ambush the rabbits… or chase them across my driveway at night and force me to swerve and slide when i come home.

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