I thought that this note alone would make a pretty good entry this morning. I found it on the basement door when I got home last night after watching the game with a friend. But when I got up this morning, still half asleep and was starting to make coffee, as I poured out the last dregs of the old pot, this is what I found sitting in the garbage disposal. At first I thought it was a discarded leftover until I saw a clawed foot. It was still alive! You should have seen me trying to get it out of there. I resisted the temptation to just push it down and turn on the disposal. I had heavy work gloves on and I still didn’t want to touch it. I used a garden spade to get him out and Becky trapped him in a container.

What the hell was he doing sleeping in the garbage disposal? And if he was locked in the basement….how did he get upstairs!!! Did Ollie catch him and decided he wasn’t tastie enough and drop him in the disposal like a good fastidious cat would? Or are bats thrill seekers that like to sleep inches away from whirling death? YIKES!

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  1. dammit, all we have are mice.  at least bats don’t shit all over the… oh.  right.  nevermind.  well, at least bats are cute and nice and you want to make them into pets.  unless, apparently, you’re too busy zipping into a bright orange hazmat suit and sealing the poor things into five-layer ziplock freezer bags for transport across the five feet of floor between the sink and the door.

    holy rhyming nonsense, batman.  i’m such a poet.

  2. Wow.  Just how did it even get in the house?   Through the furnace flue?    Ever get birds in the furnace?

  3. bats are always cute except when they’re flying at you. Sleeping in the garbage disposal. You’d expect better choices. An interesting morning though. I really can’t believe you stopped to take the picture…

  4. Reading this thing gave me shivers at least three times.  I am so freaked out by bats, I can’t guarantee that I wouldn’t have shoved that nasty fucker into the disposal.  *shiver*  I mean, honestly.

  5. I’m creeped out now, thank a lot. First you have a team of Gophers and not random flying rodentia.

  6. YIKES!  What the hell was that poor bat thinking?  But now, I have to say I’m curious as to what sort of food you eat that leftovers would look like sleeping bats in the kitchen sink.
    S/He looks kind of cute, actually.  Then again, I’ve read Stellaluna about a gazillion times.

  7. Ack. I don’t think I would have handled that too well. I lost it when I spotted a mouse in the house last year. I can only imagine what I’d do about a bat. Insects I can handle, rodents – especially flying rodents – bother me.

  8. What a way to wake up in the morning.  At least you save the bat.  Even though you don’t seem to be a big fan of the flying mammals. 

    Maybe she was hoping for some Fruit Loops?  Who knows.

  9. I think that flowed from my brain to your blog because I was just reading about an artist’s model, from the heady days of Paris in the ’20s, I think, whose specialitĂ© du jour was reputedly mouse on toast.

  10. I would have had to move!

    Your bat adventure reminded me of when a bat was trapped in an office where I used to work. My boss, instead of trying to manuever it out a window, beat it to death with a broom. I started looking for a new job shortly after that…..

  11. whoa I just saw this entry

    Cliffy Clavin mode:  Bats are one of the leading rabies to human transmission vectors these days, along with raccoons.  Dogs not so much anymore because of public health efforts… so you were smart to wear heavy gloves.  Be careful around bats!   Especially if they’re doing unusual stuff, like sleeping in garbage disposals.

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