Cable Repair

History_Pig writes about computer struggles this morning. I was fighting with my techno buggaboo last night. TV. The background on this story is that when I called the cable company a couple of years ago and said I wanted high speed internet, but wanted to drop the cable tv package, cutting back to the one that only had the local channels, they sent out some recent Russian immigrant to disconnect me. He took the box off the tv in the basement, but never disconnected anything, so I’ve been enjoying cable tv for free for a couple of years. Beck and I sat down to watch West Wing last night and what we saw was a blur with a purple stripe down the middle and lot’s of noisy static. She discovered that the tv in the basement brought it in fine so techno genious figured there must be something wrong with the way the upstairs tube was connected or set up. I pulled everything out from the wall, wiggled all the cables, found nothing supsicious, put everything back. It was working fine again. The touch of genious I guess.

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  1. see, and for me, it works exactly opposite:  if i so much as breathe on a piece of functional electronic equipment, it immediately begins to spark and sizzle, before imploding. 

    left hand doesn’t know what the far left hand is doing.  that made me and bill snort our candybars.

  2. Just don’t shock the left hand or she will get revenge, and left handed revenge can be ugly!

  3. Hmm, “something suspicious” sounds intentionally vague.  Was it a gnome?  Also, Rache shouldn’t be eating candybars.  Bill can get away with it.  He’s buff.

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