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I’m going to knock off Oregon this year, Benson is now living in Bend and I’m going to get out there at least once.
There were no coffee filters this morning. I improvised one out of a paper towel. Not bad.

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  1. i really wanted to get to oregon on my trip to washington in october.  but it just didn’t happen.  would have happened if i hadn’t brought all that rain with me.  but i guess it means there needs to be another trip west, right?

  2. You really need to visit Kansas. No really. I’m serious. We’re rated second nation-wide for roadside attractions. Largest ball of twine (okay, second largest), largest handdug well, two headed animals, barbed wire museum. Also, Lawrence, where I live, is a really nice town. Come on over and have yourself a nice juicy steak.

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