I didn’t see much of the Oscars last night, but I did see Hilary Swank get her award. Did you get the impression that if they would have tried to get her off the stage before she was done with her speech she would’ve taken someone’s head off. I was also surprised to see that those are her real teeth. And did you notice the tall blonde that was the stage escort. She had to be six-five! Was it Lauren Jackson?

This morning when I got up I noticed that my printer was jammed, which could only mean one thing. Q had been up late working on a paper and the printer had jammed and she didn’t have what she needed for an assignment today. I felt pretty confident that she wasn’t getting anything done a day early. Usually clearing a jam is pretty easy on my little HP Deskjet, but this one was stubborn. I could see the paper from the front, but I couldn’t get a grip on it to pull it out. I found a door in the back, opened it and pulled the paper out from that side. That’s when I saw that there was also a CD jammed in the printer. The night before I’d taken a CD out of the computer and set it on the paper in the feeder on the printer, so when Q printed something from her basement lair, the CD went along for a ride. This put me behind schedule getting to work, so I was trying to zip through traffic when, just as I exited from the short freeway leg of my route, my oil light started flashing. Two quarts down. Now I’m really running late. Not a big problem, but I wanted to get some work done in the morning because I knew I had to leave early for a dentist appointment. I was verifying my payroll and found two people had screwed theirs up…pain in the ass for all involved. And then I went to the dentist and found out that my little accident with the wasabe pea a couple months ago wasn’t just a filling giving way, it was a chipped tooth. I need a crown. An eight hundered fucking dollar crown. I wonder if they do twofers? A crown and a knee replacement. That’s it! Maybe I can find a coupon!

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  1. i need an 800 dollar crown too!

    goddamthemall it’s a conspiracy. it’s only $350 after my insurance kicks in but STILL.

    let me know if you find the two-fer surgery. i’m looking for lasik + crown… if they’ll throw in a new FHL tendon for my left foot i’d be over the moon. 🙂

  2. Wow, I had to look up who Lauren Jackson was, and MAN is she something else.  Like Lisa Leslie: talented and gorgeous.  Just can’t beat that.  Yikes, that’s one helluva crown.  I think this actually happened to my dad a few years back.  Good luck with the teeth and with finding a coupon…


  3. I’m sorry but I just had to start laughing. It’s so typical of the stressful days we all have way too often. BTW, though your printer jam was caused by a CD, one solution I’ve found for routine jams that you didn’t mention is to pull the plugs into my printer and plug them back in again. It makes the stuck paper slide on out. As for the crown, if I didn’t have primo dental insurance I’d be in the Poor House by now. My whole mouth is full of crowns and root canals. Hang in there.

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