We can’t scan these, the barcodes can’t be read because they’re reduced from tabloid to letter. Why are you sending us these reduced documents?

Our printer won’t print tabloid, those documents must be scanned, they are time sensitive. You are printing them the wrong size.

No, the size is automatically determined. There’s something wrong with your printer. You need to get it fixed.

This is time sensitive you must scan these.

We cannot scan them. It’s not our responsibility to maintain that printer. You need to get it fixed.

The printer company says it’s not the printer and the software guys say it’s not the software.

Have you checked the paper trays?

This has been going on for more than a week, no one wants to pick up the ball and figure it out and no one in the office where it’s occurring can figure out the problem.

Yes, of course, there’s paper in all the trays.

The problem get’s escalated up one side and down the other and an expert is dispatched to the remote office to investigate.

We will modify our process and put in a cumbersome workaround to ensure your time sensitive work gets handled.

The problem has been solved. Someone reconfigured the tabloid paper tray to fit letter size.

As we say in Minnesota, “Uff da!”

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  1. ah, problems in tray 3, or is 4, because this manual feed is 1 and that manual feed is 2 and no one ever does check the most obvious. I once spent an hour trying to configure a printer that had no cable connecting it.

  2. Nope, not Sylvia. Good guess though. I pulled up her pic and see the resemblance. Hint: 1910s and 20s activist. She was frequently censored for violating “postal obscenity” laws. And who is your lovely new lady?

    Uff da indeed! Responsibility, people — step up!

  3. Uff Da! is right.

    Hey, can that problem solver come to my house and explain to my printer that it is a COLOR printer and therefore must actually print colors?


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