Is it possible to be too happy? I know, if that’s the least of my problems…shut up! You might be wondering if I can’t really write without something to bitch about and talk about a stretch, bitching about being happy.

It’s the meds of course. Since the shrinks put me on the newest stuff nothing seems to bother me. Well I do get a little irritated that since the software rollout at work, I’m clueless about solving problems that people used to rely on me to solve. But it’s a minor irritant. And it’s not like anyone else can figure the problems out. Oh and I suppose that part of it is that I really like my new boss. It’s a lot easier to go to work every day.

Well I guess I’ll just shut up and continue walking around in this slightly manic state with a shit eating grin plastered on my face. Soon people will start thinking of me as the village idiot.

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  1. you know, when i was on the meds, the thing i disliked was that i never felt any negative emotions.  i was always calm.  my calmness made everybody else happy though.  hmmm.

  2. It gets even wierder….I just found out I’m getting booted out of my spot in the parking garage! A huge perk here in the land of ice and snow. And I didn’t even get upset. Although I am making voodoo dolls of the people ahead of me on the list.

  3. All right voodoo.  Being the village idiot is rather entertaining sometimes.  Enjoy it.

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