Wife from next room: “Aaaaackkk!”
I ran in to see what the problem is.
“Don’t ever put my picture up without asking!”

Earlier in the day:
Wife: “Don’t forget the garbage.”
Meaning roll the bin out to the curb, Tuesday’s pickup day.
Me: “Yes dear.”
I forgot.

I guess that I am in pretty good shape for an old fart, my digestive problems keep me skinny and I don’t have that bad a gut. But one of the things that comes with aging is sagging pectorals. I suppose if I really hit the wieghts i could get a chiseled upper body, but that sounds like work to me. Of course it may not be an age thing. Once when L was about three she said, “Someday I’m going to have big boobs just like Daddy.”

It seems some strange disease has infected my garden!

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  1. Thanks for dropping in at my autobio. You’re right – it would take someone from my family to miss the irony of getting into Reed but not Honor Society. I subbed to you because I spotted the intelligence in your humor.

  2. I have a two sided note attached to the front door with a magnet.  One side is blank, the other says “basura day” (aka “trash” day).  On Monday nights, I turn it around so dh can know that in the morning when he leaves to take out the trash bin and recycling.  After 2.5 years of living in this house, he still can’t remember that Tuesday is trash day.
    Nice photo!!

  3. the picture is cool looking.  and i’ve always thought that the seinfeld episode about the man bra was spot on.  when a man has bigger boobs than me, he should be forced to wear a shirt.

  4. what, it’s a flower, looks perfectly normal to me.  *cough* *cough*  whew.  harsh.

    What was that on Seinfeld that Kramer had invented… the man-bra but he called it the “bro” or something like that?

    I would be lost without my PDA.  All of my important information and reminders will soon exist only on silicon, with my organic memory holding nothing but science trivia and pop culture references.

  5. at least i know i’ll eventually get boobs.  HP’s shit outta luck where growing some balls is concerned…

    i got sick of taking out the trash.  so i got married. 

    ha, i slay me.

  6. It took me one failed marriage to learn to say “Yes dear.”

    And kids say the darndest things.

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