Worked out tonight. Stationary bike and wieghts. Endorphin city here, feels pretty good. I’m determined to get back to the tennis courts before the new year. I’m having a tough time without a competive sport to get my meaness out. It’s so satisfying to hit things.

Quinn played softball in gym a couple of days ago. She hasn’t played softball more than a couple of times in her life. And even though this was a gym class not very serious game, it was co-ed and I’m sure there was some competitveness stirred up. It sounds like she was the MVP. She pitched for her team and her tennis skills carried over at the plate. She also flattened a boy on a close play at second base. She could definitely be a power hitter. We’re talking about a powerfull young woman here. She’s strong and knows how to get all of her body into the point of contact. I’ve been trying to interest her in going out for track as a thrower, but she’s not interested. She said, “I like to hit things.”
It’s great to have such an entertaining child.

Playlist for a foggy rainy October night:

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  1. Ah, violent co-ed softball, that’s the ticket… I’ve got great stories from New York’s Central Park Leagues…

    good music you’re playing.

  2. the boy has been entertaining me with his “i’m a stud in gym class” stories lately.  i think he’d enjoy full combat co-ed softball in gym class.  he certainly enjoyed full combat co-ed lacrosse.

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