The tree is down and other than aching muscles and a huge blister on my thumb where I braced it against the manifold while trying to adjust the chain tension, I’m uninjured. It took two days, the first day ended when the chain came off and we couldn’t figure out how to get it back on. On Sunday I mustered up all of my limited mechanical ability and got it going again. We called Stephan, one of Quinn’s friends and hired him to help us pile up the brush. He came up with the idea of tossing most of it out in the cemetary. It’ll decompose, right? We threw it over the fence and he dragged it out to the little grove that you can almost see on the right side of the picture. That saved us a lot of work. I plan to take a tax deduction for my contribution to the bio-mass of the cemetary. Do you think it will fly?

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  1. congrats, fingers and toes all accounted for.

    whenever we stash trimmings somewhere instead of going the solid waste route, my wife and I chant the popeil garden weasel mantra: “and that’s a mulch, and that’s good”

  2. Remember you have the chainsaw.  That helps when it comes to voting on the rules.

    Will it fly, over someone’s dead body …

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