Last year at this time

I’ve given up. A couple of years ago I quit playing hoops. Not only because I’d lost so many steps that I couldn’t even keep up with the other old guys that I was playing with, but also because an hour of ball would result in four days of pain. I thought I could continue playing tennis, but recently it’s become apparent to me that that’s not true either. My knees are just too shot. I don’t have a slow first step. I don’t have any first step. I think I wouldn’t be walking in a couple of years if I continued. So, I’m done. At least until I get the knee replacement surgery.

I really wanted to play tennis with my daughters, but when they got good, they didn’t want to play with me anymore. And now it’s over. And I walk like Gabby Hayse.

After a year of not playing tennis my knee is feeling quite good and I’m rethinking having it done anytime soon. We’ll see how she holds up if I go to Colorado trout fishing.

2 thoughts on “Last year at this time

  1. Responding to your comment on my site:) : I don’t have a couch, not yet. Although I have been practicing the classic ” How do you feel about that? ” line! Not really!! I am going to be a school psychologist. THe majority of my work will be assessment, working on intervention, and counseling. Right now I am taking a class that requires me to work in the school clinic and have clients, and I am working with adults that I probably won’t have to deal with in the schools. It’s pretty interesting. I can’t decide if I want to work at a junior high or a high school yet. Now I am blabbing. I get really excited about some aspects of psychology, and I talk about it for hours. How are you doing?

  2. Ooh, fishing in Colorado should be a great! Catch that big sucker who got away from me, I’m pretty sure he swam south. And good luck on the knee!

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