Glorious spring weather. The hammock swing is up. I sat on the deck and drank coffee this morning. Did a little yard work. But now I’m beat and I’m going kick back. I’m whipped. I finally got my ass down to the club for a workout on Saturday morning. I fits in so well. I’m up two hours before the rest of the slugs and with tennis on Wednesday and Thursday, it fits into the cycle of pain pretty well. I’ve noticed that since I started playing twice a week instead of just once, my knees hurt a lot less. Duh.
All my life I’ve gone through an up and down fitness cycle. I was in much better shape at thirty than I was when I was eighteen. I wasn’t very physical when I was a kid. The forest fire thing changed all that. And basketball. I have trouble exercising when there isn’t a ball involved. After I had my ACL removed back in eighty when they weren’t rebuilding them like they are now, I gave up hoops and got really fat. Since then I’ve at least done some walking and played a little tennis, but nothing too serious. My weight stays pretty much the same no matter what I do. Now I’m beginning to think that I can get a couple of those lost steps back and I actually can, at 55 put my tennis game on an uphill curve.
Damn…I wish I could have the strokes I have today with the legs I had at 23. I love that wirey hard ass feeling you get when you’re playing a lot of tennis. In my experience there’s no game that builds cardiovascular fitness like basketball, but for muscle tone I think tennis is better. Don’t know why.

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  1. great picture. Yeah, soccer, hockey, lacrosse, they all do you in, but soccer especially since there aren’t time outs and substitutions are so rare, and the bigger the field the better the game, but the more you hurt at the end…

  2. I won’t even comment about “I wish I could have the strokes I have today with the legs I had at 23” because rache will just have a better one anyway. And it is a great picture, a perfect description of Spring.

  3. bahahah, gotta get up early in the… uh, late afternoon… to beat fleen.  and fleen beats a lot, or so i hear.

  4. beautiful photo!
    I think I’ve been reading too much of Rache, Fleener and HP, because when I saw the strokes/legs comment, well, nevermind. 
    If I can be in half the shape you’re in when I’m your age (which isn’t that far off), I’ll be doing just great!

  5. Gorgeous photo!

    I wish I liked tennis, the couple times I attempted it (miserably) I got the sense that it would give be great workout. I’m way too short and skilless for bball. The only ball oriented sport I’ve ever liked is softball. Probably because it allowed me to stand around for an hour or so and then go to Dairy Queen!

  6. That was an odd coicidence.

    We have a softball team at work, but I’m just awful at it. We didn’t hit the DQ we’d head to a local bar after practice/games though, so the net effect on my fitness was negative. Don’t have the time for it any more anyway.

    Haven’t played soccer since I was in elementary school. Tennis frustrates me because I get tennis elbow when I go back to the sport. I played tennis for years and then racquetball and probably screwed up my elbow.

  7. I need to get out and play some tennis myself.  The weather’s been perfect.  Kinda switched right from winter to summer around here.

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