Male homecoming queen at St. Cloud State being threatened

Associated Press
October 29, 2004

ST. CLOUD, Minn. — Officials at St. Cloud State University are expressing support and concern for the male student who was named homecoming queen last week.

President Roy Saigo says Fue Khang has received threatening messages. In a letter to the university’s faculty and staff, Saigo asks them to offset any prejudice and intimidation the homecoming royalty may have faced.

Student organizations have been invited to a series of campus dialogues to discuss the media attention the coronation has drawn and to gauge how students feel about it.

The mother of one of the homecoming queen candidates has spoken out against a man being named queen and has organized a petition drive against it.

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  1. one of the mothers is complaining?  sheesh!

    i’ve got to share this one with the daughter. she almost ended up attending scsu.  knowing her, she’d support the male homecoming queen.

  2. ::::sighs, shakes head::: one of those crazy mothers again. I saw a ton of that when I was in high school, one girls mom used to call and yell at her ex boyfriends if they broke up with her. It was insane.

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