More Basketball and Politics

First of all, let me say that the Gophers won. The highlight of the game was when one of the student managers who was a little more provocatively dressed than the rest was crouching behind the huddle during time out displayed some body parts in a manner often associated with plumbers. Butt crack city, in front of about a thousand people.

The new Minnesota State Senate Majority Leader is a guy who I often played basketball with at the old Downtown Y. He thought he was much better than he was and tended to hog the ball and shoot too much. I was forced to school him a few times. Keith Elliison’s predecessor in the House occasionally played down there too when he was back in the district. He had to be in his 50’s then and was tough as nails.

The new County Attorney, Mike Freeman, has twin daughters who starred at my alma mater, Carleton College. While they were there the Knights were ranked in the top five in the D3 rankings.

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