Today I was on a two hour conference call about stock photography. The guy doing most of the talking pronounced the word “picture” as if he were discribing the person who puts the ball into play in a baseball game, or perhaps something you would pour milk from. I think that, for me, is the most irritating affront to the English language there is. It’s like nails on a chalk board. And I think he said it at least a couple of hundred times in the two hours.


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  1. hey just stopping by. hahahahah I have a similar quirk about people who say that. Sort of saying “ask” like “axe”.

    Nice site, btw

  2. Whoops, I spelled it purposely like that one blog ago, to be ironic.  Gabby, forgive me!

    How about somebody who falls in love with some stupid aphorism and overplays it?  This one supervisor kept using “time is the tyrant”, usually when we were getting dumped on, and I wanted to throttle him.

  3. Oh you know which one I hate? When people say: kinneygarden. For example, Lisa: What grade is your son in? Anonymous person: He’ll be in kinneygarden.

    You are a psycho, but a cute one who can play a mean guitar, so that saved you. 🙂

  4. That’s right, your daughter’s name is Quinn. I remember that, I think you told me once before. So then, the story is even more remarkable. 🙂


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