Humorous moments

Last week I went to get a cup of coffee at the office. Someone had brought in a nice cannister of mixed nuts, I filled a styrofoam cup with coffee and another with nuts. I went back to my work and started going through my standard morning drill. I absentmindedly reached over for a handfull of nuts and poured coffee into my hand.

On Sunday Beck and I were at the club, I was riding the recumbant bike and she was getting on the treadmill. The machine she was on was squeaking, which caught my attention, then for some reason I looked away. I glanced back at her in time to see her go flying off the end of the treadmill and land on her ass. Fortunately only her pride was injured.

Monday night I went to a High School basketball game between two powerhouse teams, one from a small town and one from the inner city. We were at the city school’s gym. There was a couple behind us that were a little on the strange side. He was round and she was rail thin with long stringy graying hair and an amazingly craggy face that gave her the appearance of a comic book witch. Kind of urban hillbillies. A student ensemble came out to sing the New Fangled Spanner and were executing the anthem in beautiful harmony when Witchy Woman chimes in about two and a half tones sharp. She gets about six high pitched words out and I’m beginning to get that nails on chalkboard feeling when the baritone voice of her partner comes in with, “Shut Up.”

And to top it all off Dick Cheney went quail hunting.

5 thoughts on “Humorous moments

  1. I’d a done the same thing with the coffee and nuts! A while back the MN women just ate up Illinois. The girl gophers are good this year!

  2. ha ha ^^^^^ matt’s comment.

    I actually used to smoke many many years ago and have actually taken a sip of a soda with a cigarette butt in it. Felt like such a jackass.

    We have a lot in common. I was 26 when my father died, but for 12 years before that, I rarely saw him because my parents were divorced when I was 14. That veil of mystery will always surround him as far as my mind goes.


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