Paperless Schmaperless

I suppose that I’m one of the few artists that really likes exel spreadsheets. I’m fascinated by data and I love to chop it up and I love to figure out ways to make exel do my bidding. So over the years I’ve kept most of my personel records on spreadsheets that did fancy calculations, like if Mary takes 3 hours of personal time and 2.5 hours of previous year vacation, how much total time off does Mary have left?

More often than not, my records were a mess, I would forget to input the info in a timely manner and it was hard to actually reference back to them, since I often couldn’t remember where I save them or what I named them.

I’ve done a one eighty. I’ve discovered the organizational wonder of the 21st century! The three ring binder. I’m amazed at how much more quickly I can find information, how much cleaner my desk is and how much less time it takes me to get my timesheet and payroll crap done.

I wonder how many tasks that we’ve given over to computers are actually easier and faster the caveman analog way.

3 thoughts on “Paperless Schmaperless

  1. last year, i decided to keep track of my writing stuff in a database.  that lasted about a month before it became a major pain in the ass.  this year, i bought this fantastic datebook that has a ton of blank pages for notes in the back.  i keep track of my writing stuff that way now.  it is a much better system.  i still keep track of my payments on an excel sheet because the accountant likes that, but i also keep a copy of those accounts in my datebook, too.  i love this datebook.  i better find the same one next year.

  2. would you mind telling my husband (who is my boss) this??  He keeps insisting that EVERYTHING needs to be in Exel, and I’m not too good at it.  I am good at paper, though.

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