Food Adventure

I’m alergic to shellfish. Shrimp, lobster, crab. It didn’t start until about 7 or 8 years ago. I don’t go into anaphalactic shock or anything, but the last time I was weazing and my face got pretty swollen. Mostly I just get hives for about five days. Which I guess is bad enough.

On the way home from working out tonight we stopped for take out Chinese. We ordere spring rolls and I had about half of one eaten when I realized it had shrimp in it. I don’t think I ate any, but I was about to bite into a big chunk of it when I realized what it was.

And now I’m sitting here waiting to see what will happen. I told Quinn that she could have my iPod.

3 thoughts on “Food Adventure

  1. Eek, that sucks. I have developed a bit of lacose intolerance in the last few years. I assume because I was too broke to buy milk, so my body forgot what to do with it. Hope it passes quickly

  2. You always make me laugh.  My sister used to ask me if she could have my bed when I died.  My ex developed an adult allergy to seafood.  He got horrible hives all over.  Karma, for him.  Sorry for you, though.

  3. When the forearms start to go numb, it’s time for your epinephrine shot. Just make sure someone else drives you to the ER.   It works fast, has a recreational side and will most likely allow you to see yet another dawn.  Who knows, you might include shellfish on your regular diet.

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