Out in the garden today. Pulling off the mulch and cleaning out the beds. Everything seems to be ahead of schedule this year, it’s been a much warmer spring so far. There are already lots of spring bulbs coming up, hyacinths, iris, tulips, bloodroot, and several things I can’t identify. Every year I say that I’m going to do a diagram of the garden and record the locations of what is in there. I almost did it last fall, but I never finished and lost the paper I was working on. And even when they come up and bloom, I can’t always figure out exactly what they are.

Lucia went to South Bend this weekend for a dance at Patrick’s dorm. She was all concerned about spending the money but we told her to go for it. You only get to go to college once, so you might as well take advantage. She deserves it, she works hard, is getting good grades and doing a great job of budgeting her money. She just called she’s on her way back to ISU. I guess she has someone to pick her up in Des Moines.

Quinn has grown up so much. She seems really happy and adventuresome and has lots of friends. She went through that period where I was afraid she was very unhappy, but I think she’s gained a lot of confidence in the last year. She’s really blossomed into a beautiful young woman too. They’re both beautiful but in very different ways. And they’re smart as well.

Did you see that Janel was the first pick in the WNBA draft. Hooray!

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  1. Good news re: the ladies of chez K doing well and thriving. 

    Man I am totally hooked on those O’Brian books.  I had five pages left in Desolation Island, and ran out to the bookstore yesterday afternoon post chores to get the next one ready.

  2. What a fine thing to say about your girls.

    Right now my little angel of the hour is on her death bed, supposedly. She is coughing but can still manage to drink soda, eat french fries and determine what’s going to happen on Room Raiders on MTV.


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