A certain local ad exec was known for his womanizing. Some years back when he was on his second wife, he bought a $150,000 Porsche convertible. He was preparing to make a business trip and he told his wife, “Don’t drive the Porsche, it’s too much car for you.” While he was gone his wife found out that his secretary was out in New York with him, not for business but for monkey business. Enraged the wife called the local garden store and ordered 500 pounds of sheep manure. When they arrived to deliver it they asked where to put it. She told them to put it in the garage. “But lady, you’ll have to move the car.”
“No, you don’t understand, put it IN the car.”
She moved out leaving a note that said, “I didn’t drive the Porsche.”
It was summer and he didn’t return for quite awhile.
Revenge is sweet.

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  1. yeah, I almost like this story with the concrete better, but… If you remember the name of the book you mentioned, throw it on my site, would you? I’ll have to look at the one your wife recommends.

  2. I thought it sounded like one of those uban legend things when I first heard it. But the teller insisted it was a true story. And the guy sure fits the profile.

  3. Being evil can be rather entertaining at times.  Photoshoping is as close to evil as I get.

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