I had a mystical experience last night. Driving home from playing tennis, I was stopped by a train. I had an Afro-Cuban jazz CD playing and as soon as I came to a stop, a song came on that was a percussive immitation of the rythm of a train, including some instrument doing a damn good train whistle. Very strange. Then when I got home and downloaded the photo, I noticed that it was image number 0666. OK, I’m sure that there’s an explanation for this, but it gets even wierder, I can’t seem to locate that cut from the CD.

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  1. that’s bizarre.  I, too, started humming the “doo-doo-doo-doo” TZ theme when I read this.

  2. The effect was enhanced by the fact that the train crossing is in a very dark, deserted warehouse area on a detour that takes me on a wierd route to and from the club.

  3. I in fact have played against the devil. He has a nasty ankle breaking crossover move and can nail the pull up jumper from anywhere inside 18 feet. He’d own my soul now except that I got a lucky roll on a fadeaway off the right block that hit the front rim and rolled in. I am now enjoying the fruits of eternal youth and the ability to see through rache’s clothing.

  4. The Devil is clearly trying to speak to you through Jazz … something I thought was taken as a given.  Besides, any time I’m stuck at a train crossing, I assume it’s the devil’s work.

  5. Iverson the debbil?  now what would make you think that?
    I heard that the devil came down to Georgia once, seems he was lookin’ for a soul to steal…

  6. haven’t been to church lately? shoot.. then that explains everything… doesn’t it? just playing…

  7. I assume there were no drugs involved in “enhancing” your tennis playing, right?  And thanks for the comment, I’ll probably post some more pics once I get my act together for this up and coming massacre of a week.

  8. dude, fuck. I was randomly scrolling through xanga, and while I was reading your story about the train, a train went by my town. (Its still honking its horn).

    just wanted to inform you, I have to keep myself calm since its 4:20 am


  9. You’re not going to believe this but as I was reading this post a train also went by here, and I don’t live anywhere near a rail road. Actually, I live about a 1/2 mile from Amtrak. Still, it was WEIRD!!!

  10. I always associated trains with mystical experiences. I used to have dreams when I was a kid about trains running straight through my house, probably because I lived by train tracks. Still, it left an indelible impression. But you’re shitting us, right?

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