The youngest and I are off to see the Gophers. I don’t get to spend much time with her. She’s a social animal.

Gophers won 75-61, not quite as bad as Penn St. beat them, but I’m guessing Iowa wanted to beat the Gophers very badly. oooh, sportsgoddess look at this, the Lady Lions just squeeked past the Badgers by 1! The Hawkeyes starting point guard from last year, April Calhoun, is now a Gopher sitting out a year to play in her home state. We put an emabarrassing whipping on them here last year and they beat us in the Big 10 tournament last year. There is always bad blood between Iowa and Minnesota and this was by far the most intense game yet. Welcome to the Big 10!
Wierdly inconsistant reffing. They were drawing blood in the first half with no calls. At the beginning of the second half the Gophs were called for four quick fouls, which took them out of their intense pressure defense. They were behind in the second half for the first time ever. As usual they were awesome in crunch time. It was the largest crowd to see a women’s basketball game in Minnesota history.
I think Princess Q had a good time. We had some laughs, like when I bought a large tub of popcorn and immediately spilled it on the girl in front of me, dumped the whole damn thing on her. And when we couldn’t find our car in the parking ramp after the game. It’s fun to share traits like total lack of directional sense. The weather was wierd on the way home, above freezing, gray and damp. The kind of late afternoon you expect some zombie to come stalking out of the fog. We live next to a cemetery, I better not let my imagination get going.

Speaking of Awesome, I took the photo with my new camera. Our seats are in the second row of the balcony even with the opposite free throw line. I had the camera on continuous exposure and was just shooting away. I was able to crop the image down to a 5 x 7 of what you see. Incredible!

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  1. oh — i am so glad to see someone else mention the inconsistent officiating in the big ten. sport doesn’t matter — it’s bad.

    as for the lady lions, who did put on a whooping on iowa the other day, only winning by a point. a win’s a win. i think it was a serious letdown. they’ve been playing tough teams (their rpi rating is 2 or 3) almost the entire season. rene planned to use this game to give her bench a lot of playing time. so i’m not worried about it.

    i’m thinking about getting tickets for the jan 22 game — except i don’t want to jinx them!

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