Bill Benson, if you’re reading this, feel free to refute
my assertion that I wasn’t a very good basketball player.

Telephone conversation heard over the cube wall:
“Did she poop?”

I’m so excited! My digital camera should arrive today!
Gophers beat Northwestern 72-40.
They are only 600 tickets shy of selling out the Barn for the Iowa game on Sunday!

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  1. did you see what the lady lions did to iowa last night?  92-64.  i sniff a show down with the lady gophers coming up. 

    and yeah, i do seem to attract minnesotans.  not just here, but everywhere in my life.  i’ve begun to believe that fate is going to land me in the twin cities metro some day.  when, i don’t know, but some day.  one thing, once i get there, i’ll have plenty of friends!

  2. Yeah I asssume its the women haha cause yeah i dont think the men could beat a team that bad. Thats really exciting about the women.

    Yeah I’m a Packer fan, I’m actually a fan of Wisconsin teams for most sports. But I love the Twolves, and well the Avs are great becuase of the greatest goalie of all time, too bad he doesn’t play anymore.

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