Let’s Talk About Me!
Brief biographical notes

I’m 54 years old.
I’ve been a recovering alcoholic for close to 19 years.
I’m a lousy speller with a short attention span.
I fly fish, but only because I think the clothes look cool.
I love the sport of basketball, although I never was much of a player.
I was born in St. Paul, Minnesota on the Westside. I moved to Moorhead, Minnesota in 1954. Had nightmares about the High Bridge.
I attended Carleton College in Northfield, Minnesota.
My father was a cattle buyer at the West Fargo Union Stockyards, My mother had, along with her sisters, an incredible sense of humor. My dad died in 1970 when I was 20. My mother died in 1992. They were in their forties when I was born. I have a brother and a sister, I am by several years the youngest. An afterthought or no thought at all. I suspect the latter. My Dad was a recovering alcoholic who quit before I was born. Was I a sobriety baby?
I have been a bartender, a tow boat hand, fought forest fires, two of which I started myself, driven a taxi, worked in a machine shop, been a block layers assistant, short order cook, taught art, guarded the rich, been an animator (OK in-betweener), an illustrator, graphic designer and now I’m the Poster Child for the Peter Principle. Yeah, he’s a pretty good artist, let’s make him a manager. OH YEAH!
I have a beautiful and talented wife and two beautiful and talented daughters.

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  1. Judging from that photo, the clothes are cool. 🙂

    Lovely to meet you, bkeller49., and I love the sketch you posted in the previous entry. I hope to see more.

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