Spring Frolic

Tonight I was walking around the back yard in the dark, enjoying the beautiful spring weather we’ve been having. We have one of those cheap wrought iron fire pit things, I tripped over it. Hit it square with both shins and went over the top. Thank God the ground was soft! I hope the neighbors didn’t see that one.

The garden is at least a week ahead of last year. Several plants are coming up that I’d written off as failures last year, they look great. Won’t be long and there will be daffodils and tulips blooming. That’s right I live in a cold climate. But it hit 80 today! Part of me loves it, and another part is thinking, this isn’t right.

4 thoughts on “Spring Frolic

  1. I laughed; I’m sorry.  I have great visual imagination….

    My flowers that I had my fingers crossed for are also poppin’ up.  80 is higher than we had it yesterday, I believe.  But I can only see the weather through the window……

  2. i don’t follow softball closely, as in going to the games, but i do read the articles in the paper.  thanks for sharing the story . . . that must have been some class.  it seems like star athletic classes come in bunches.  the boy’s class is like that.  it will be interesting to see how they fare next year as seniors and leaders. 

  3. Hah, two nights ago I was walking my dogs down in the creek, following the trail.  Little did I know that the last time it rained, a few of the local kids brought their four wheelers and bikes out, making huge ruts and holes.  It is dark, and I can’t see.  One minute I am a beacon of primate bipedialism, up right and in charge.  The next, I am on the ground, gasping and wincing and grabbing for my ankle.

    I too can walk proud and say “I hope noone saw that…”

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