The Price of Gardening Just Went Up!

I thought it was bad when the horticulturist/plant patent lawyer moved in next door, but now it’s been revealed that the new neighbor across the street is a master gardener. She’s also retired and a very hard worker. How do I know this? She and her husband spent last week building a raised garden bed that’s about 12 by 24. Saturday morning it was filled with dirt. Saturday evening it was filled with plants. I went over and talked to her, she told me that it was her nursery bed! The plants were the one’s she’d moved over from their previous home. She planted them all herself in a day. During that time I mowed my lawn and trimmed a couple of bushes. I was exhausted. I dug up a little garden that’s maybe a hundred square feet last fall, and it still sits there with a couple of hastas and a few other plants, no mulch, no border, very sad little garden. It’ll be nice though, someday, really. Now that I don’t have children in sports and am only about four months from an empty nest, I should have more time to devote to it. It’s about as close to I get to exercise these days.

Q just bought a new MacBook, the new black one with the Intel dual processor. Very cool!

3 thoughts on “The Price of Gardening Just Went Up!

  1. Jane has chided me for planting flowers in rows, and other design stuff. Me? I’d rather grow tomatoes. I do like having tomatoes. And maybe a few melons.

  2. I love to putter in the yard, but having over-achieving neighbors would intimidate me.  My neighbors all hire landscapers, so my yard might not look as good, but at least I can be proud of it.

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