Will the coughing ever stop. I feel fine but snot boy just won’t be evicted from my left lung. Beck has it now, and she must feel really bad, because she even admitted that she’s sick. Norwegians.

Did you read about the guy who escaped from prison in ’94 with the warden’s wife and has been living in the East Texas woods with her until they found them this week. I can’t wait to find out what the rest of the story is.

We raised over $2000 dollars for the woman who’s house burned down. We may be dysfunctional, but we are family.

I finally met the mystery nieghbor last night. Penny. She’s a horticulturist and consults on plant patents. I feel a strong case of garden envy coming.

This morning on the way into work, just as I was approaching my exit off the freeway, some guy came up on my tail like he was in a big hurry and was going to ride my ass around the exit ramp. I decided that it would be a good time to put the new wheels to a test. I dropped it into manual mode, downshifted, set an aggressive line and put the whip to my 220 ponies. I blew his doors off, I was 200 yards ahead of him coming off the ramp. Damn I love that car.

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  1. ditto what the king said, congrats!!  I saw that story about the warden’s wife, but didn’t hear it, sounds bizarre…  I smell a TV movie.

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