OK, I promise, this is my last basketball post until Lindsay Whalen starts tearing up the WNBA, but I forgot to mention one of the most interesting things about the Women’s tournament. Kim Mulkey-Robinson’s wardrobe. Kim M-R is the coach of the national champion Baylor Bears. She’s kind of a pit chihuahua, Meg Ryan on crystal meth. In the finals she wore a bright baby blue suit. She had to know that she’d be seen from a high camera angle all night long. She likes to crouch down in a squat while coaching (when she’s not running up and down the sidelines screaming at everyone that moves). The blouse of the suit had one of those loose collars. I haven’t ever seen that much cleavage on TV outside of Baywatch. Thanks, Kim, you’ve made me appreciate the woman’s game even more.

Another thing I notice about KMR was that she had her three kids with her while being interviewed after the semi-final victory over LSU. I think she was trying to make a definitive statement. “I am NOT a lesbian.”

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  1. that’s an excellent description of kmr.  but damn, i have to say, it was awfully nice to have a women’s championship without pat or geno on the sidelines.  surely i’m not the only person sick to death of uconn and tennesee.

  2. heh heh, re: the cleavage — maybe that was another way she was trying to let people know she isn’t a lesbian.  Then again…

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