So Far, So Good.

Well I survived the night. No reaction at all. No hives yet either.

I might get hives from my job today though.

I think I’m going to have Lobster for dinner tonight.

7 thoughts on “So Far, So Good.

  1. Hopefully you dodged the bullet there…

    My veep, he’s supposedly allergic to fish.  He’s also the physical incarnation of speedy gonzales… the guy does everything hyper.  So at some corporate function, they’re serving breaded fish and also breaded chicken breast.  So he gets the fish by mistake and scarfs it down before somebody realizes it wasn’t the chicken he had ordered, but he got lucky and nothing happened.  Another veep at the table (a transplant from Ireland) starts shouting (joking) in his heavy accent: “It’s a meeracle!  It’s a meeracle!”

  2. you do like living dangerously.

    i think this is a season to write off in women’s basketball.  it has been flat out ugly here.  i think we had 8 girls on the bench the last game. 

  3. Hey, maybe the allery went away… Don’t count on it, but if you die from the lobster, can I have your credit cards?

  4. Forget the hives. Forget the lobster. You gave away your iPod????????????


    bad boy! smack!

  5. aaaahhh. Gotcha. If the shrimp would’ve killed ya. 🙂

    How did I manage that? Perseverence. And a whole lot of prayer. To be honest, I opened two browsers. One on the link from the fanclub with the passcode and one on ticketmaster. I hit refresh about 5,875,459 times until finally! Both coincided. 🙂

    As soon as I got the presale password I had ticketmasters boxes all filled out just waiting for me to hit submit.

    I still can’t figure out how two rows beat me!


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