I was listening to an interview of Roger Staubach sometime last week when he was credited with coining the term “Hail Mary Pass.” His last second pass to Drew Pearson that beat the Vikings and sent the Cowpies to the Super Bowl. It was 1975 and every Vikings fan old enough remembers the play. And we are all still pissed off. Obvious offensive pass interference. The worst call in the history of the NFL. The root of my eternal hatred of the Cowpies. But that’s not my point. In the sixties, Shocky Strand, the Moorhead Spud (that’s right, we were the Spuds) basketball coach referred to a forced shot as a “Hail Mary.” So on that particular play Roger not only stole the Super Bowl from the Vikings, he falsely is credited with coining a nugget of American colloquialism.

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  1. sweet doody, football and basketball in the same post, that’s all the things i don’t know nuthin about. well, that and organic chemistry. and one of those i actually needed to graduate.

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