After watching the Gopher Women beat Ohio State in the Big 10 tourney, I needed to get out on this beautiful day, so I drove over to the campus to shoot some shots of the river.
Some views of the UofM from the West Bank and a railroad bridge turned foot bridge across the Mississippi. The shiny building is the Weisman Museum of Art.

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  1. good luck beating the spartans!  i didn’t expect the girls to win last night, especially after strom missed a chunk of the first half.  would have been nice, though.  i’m thinking we’re looking at a 10 seed in the tourny.

  2. beautiful photos!!!
    p/s – Is that Gabby Hayes, or you doing your best Gabby Hayes impersonation?

  3. yes, your river does beat my river… actually its a creek, when it rains… when it doesn’t, it is a mud flat… and its raining now, like it always does, and anyway… what happens if i can’t stop laughing?

  4. That last photo is very cool! The way the light is reflecting off the shiny building.

    Think he’s been there? Where there? Can I come by and kiss the spot he may have leaned against?


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