Beware the Ides of March (or thereabouts)

ryan in the snow Ask any Minnesotan. It’s guaranteed. Mid March, the state high school tournaments are in full swing. That’s right folks, true to tradition, we are in the midst of the annual State Tournament Blizzard. That’s my neighbor Ryan, waiting for the bus, nobody told him that school was canceled

One of my coworkers left his house at 7:15 this morning. There were 2 articulated busses, a regular bus and a semi strewn across I-94 the main east west route in through the Twin Cities. It took him an hour just to get down the entrance ramp!

The girls basketball team from Armstrong, Q and L’s school, is going to state. Considering that they had a losing record and were winless in their conference, I’d say they’re the Cinderella team. That’s something they couldn’t do in 2002 when April Calhoun was a senior and voted Minnesota Ms. Basketball and her backcourt partner was also headed for a division 1 scholarship. Their first opponent will be Bloomington Kennedy who beat Minneapolis South, the team that beat the Falcons by about twenty earlier in the year.

One thought on “Beware the Ides of March (or thereabouts)

  1. ha ha ha

    i am sitting here in t-shirt and shorts eating a pop-ice on my front porch.

    trashy? yes

    comfortable? yes

    cold? hells no…

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