Well, to answer thenarrator questions, in the two classes I followed, 4A (big school) and 1A (little school) the winners were Bloomington Kennedy, lead by the magnificent Jenna Smith a junior who hasn’t yet commited to a college and Elgin-Millville lead by Katie Ohm who broke the state career scoring record this year and is going to be a Gopher next year. She may be from Elgin-Millville but she’s been invaded by the spirit of Elgin Baylor. At six feet she’s their first option in the low post and if they don’t get her the ball there, she goes out to the wing and scores facing the basket. She took a leaping, leaning jump shot off the dribble from behind the arc and almost hit it, it was down and rimmed out softly. Someone said that Jenna was the best player in the state, but they must not have been watching the same tourney I was.

The boys tournament is this week and features tiny Braham, which has one of the best High School boys teams in the nation. They’ve beaten Compton HS from LA this year as well as several of the perrenial big school powers in the state. Their big star is going to be a Gopher as well…there are three future D1 players on that team. My wife’s hometown of Luverne is also there this year. They were famous in the sixties for being a small school that one the single class tournament. They had red shoe laces.

I don’t have a clue who’ll win the NCAA women’s tourney, there’s so much parity (I almost typed ‘Parody’) among the top 3 seeds. I just hope it’s someone from the Big10. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Michigan State go all the way.

Tomorrow I’m going to take some time during the day to watch the Gopher men. They’re playing Iowa State, my daughter’s school so I’m hoping to watch with her and stir some good old family rivalry.

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  1. In Michigan we’re only doing the boys… Michigan being one of those idiot states that still claims that it is “impossible” to have boys’ and girls’ sports played in the same season. They’ve lost a dozen court cases on this, but keep fighting, and to make it worse, keep threatening to switch boys to the wrong season so they get as many people as possible angry with the girls. It’s a disgusting display of being “anti-kid” on the part of both the high schools and the MHSAA.

  2. you going to the ncaa games this weekend?  we’ve been hearing a lot about the lady gophers because they are playing st. francis, which is right down the road.

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