I was going to say that I have a soft spot in my heart for dry salami and really stinky cheese, but I suppose I should say that I have a hard spot in my heart.

I played old school no sissy tie breaker tennis last night. My partner and I won 11-9. Grueling. I’m going to be in severe pain today.

The T-wolves kicked some nugget ass last night. I watched on the Mountain Man’s big screen HDTV. He makes real popcorn on the stove with real butter. MMMMMMM.

Q leaves for Chicago and Wisconsin Dells tomorrow, they’re taking their musical on the road. My daughter’s a chorus girl.

I need to start figuring out the mystery of college loans. Or saying to L, here you go, you figure it out.

Peace, ass nuggets.

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  1. ooooooh, plagiarizing history pig… he’d kick your ass, if he wasn’t such a peaceloving liberal.

    my best friend was a chorus girl.  i ragged on her endlessly.  still do, as a matter of fact.

  2. Haha, nah, I’m just happy to see the love spread.  I am pissed, though, that you reminded me of those goddamn college loans.  I have to do my FAFSA!

  3. I was going introduce my kid to the joys of real popcorn made on the stove, but calorie guilt got the better of me.
    Screw the guilt, this weekend, we’re making popcorn!!!

  4. Real popcorn AND HDTV? You must have civilization around there in your state. God Wyoming sucks.

    I saw a squirrel poop once.

  5. GO NUGGETS! I hope the nuggets win… its only because I care about Garnett and his wolves… I do not want to see them get embarassed by the Lakers later down the line… if they even get that far that is…

  6. College loans.  Tip #1.  Grab wallet and hand it to your daughter, because it will get spendy.

  7. College loans suck!  Don’t ever let anyone tell you different.  And if they do try to tell you different, at least make ’em buy you some Thai food first.

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